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Tinaa is a creative studio based in the city of Milan, directed and managed by Giovanni Marchi and Elena Mora. The Studio specializes in editorial design, art direction, video installation and set design. "This is not an agency" but a place where we enjoy looking for new directions and solutions. Tinaa's work is always current and often personal - informed by observation and a curiosity of contemporary culture. Collaboration with other designers is a constant source of renewal and inspiration.
Giovanni Marchi studied at Politecnico di Milano and at Universidad de Valparaiso, in Chile. After an experience with Danese he started working as a freelencer for over a year as art director and graphic designer for different clients such as Tcommunication, Bonsaininja, Mousse Magazine and Applix.
Elena Mora studied at Politecnico di Milano and at Lapland Univeristy, in Finland. She has worked in varied creative roles with a range of clients from advertisers to artists. She worked for Blotto Design and Jutojo, in Berlin. Since one year she's collaborating with Mousse Magazine.
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