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Declan O’Neill

London-based photographer Declan O’Neill’s ongoing series captures celebratory bonfires in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

“Hundreds of unregulated bonfires are constructed like this and in the early summer months the terrain vague erupts with these pyre-like sculptures,” says O’Neill, who has photographed the piles prior to burning for the past six years. “They have been likened to giant beehives and many mimic the stupas and pagodas of Burma and Thailand.”

I love it!

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Maddie On The Things

Boring and lazy sunday. I’m sorry for the commonplace but I HATE Carnival and the dress code parties.
Fortunately I’ve found Maddie The Coonhound, and my good mood is back.


I Throw Myself At Men by Lilly McElroy

“For this project I went to a lot of bars and I literally threw myself at men who I didn’t know. I used my body as a projectile, hurling myself toward strong, vulnerable men who were waiting to catch me. Poised in a perpetual state of social awkwardness and in full possession of the ability to subvert stereotypical gender roles, the photographs pose questions concerning relationships, social connection, sex, gender, and the desire to form relationships quickly that are both intense and long lasting.
The project initially started after I placed ads on Craigslist.org looking for men who would meet me blind date style in bars and allow me to throw myself at them. This project comes from a place where the desire to make a positive connection with another person is coupled with the knowledge that a connection might not be possible, that the person might not catch me.”

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I have decided my next trip will be to Iceland.
I’m really looking forward to see enchanting pasture lands, hot thermal pools, volcanic clouds and the only one revolutionary people in the world.
Check these photos by Peter Baker!

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Richard Kern

Just a photos about naked girls smoking weed by New York based photographer Richard Kern. So cute!


Helen Sear is that kind of person that I admire. She looks deeply and with sinsitivity at the sourrounding, and gives a strong and poetic message of her point of view through beautiful images. Love the “Inside the view” series. More on her website, have a look!

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Rosanna Webster

Rosanna is a brilliant young designer and artist. She uses different communication techniques, from illustrations to video-projections. The outcome is an elegant and romantic mix of media and a real identifiable mood.

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