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Trailer of an interesting research by Alexander Negrelli, about German graphic designer Otl Aicher.
It’s not only a book about the visual identity of the Olympic Games in 1972. It’s a complex project that shows the connections between terrorists and design, gold medals, movies, sneakers, politics, maps, architecture and logos.
The results of the research at JanVanEyck-academy in Maastricht will be published in 2012.
Looking forward!

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Beverly Nichols

I was cycling to work this morning and i was fascinated by how fast trees got covered by flowers. It’s spring finally and i’m really looking forward lying on green grass staring at the sky. Here is a list of 13 of the best gardens in Europe. If you are lucky to be in one of those cities don’t miss them!

The most amusing garden writer of all times, Beverly Nichols, who specialized in winter flowers and wrote one of the most important gardening books, Down the Garden path, striked my attention. Nichols’s delight in his cyclamen was nothing against the pride he felt for the December-to-March flowers he cultivated, proving there is more to cold-weather blooms than snowdrops, winter jasmine and Christmas roses.
Beverly Nichols wrote a number of non-fiction books on travel, politics, religion, cats, parapsychology, and autobiography. He wrote for a number of magazines and newspapers throughout his life, the longest being weekly columns for the London Sunday Chronicle newspaper (1932–1943) and Woman’s Own magazine.

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Three years Ago in a small bookstore in Bangkok, I bought the Italian edition of “Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions” published by Bur. Today this satirical novella by Edwin Abbott is one of my favotite books, and i just discovered the movie by Michele Emmer. Nice!

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Super Normal / Sensations of the Ordinary

“Why do so many designs fail to pass the everyday test? Why is Normal disappearing, and when it’s gone how do we replace it? Is beauty just a question of looks, or could there be more to it than meets the eyes? What makes a good object, and how come some objects get better whit time?”