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I Throw Myself At Men by Lilly McElroy

“For this project I went to a lot of bars and I literally threw myself at men who I didn’t know. I used my body as a projectile, hurling myself toward strong, vulnerable men who were waiting to catch me. Poised in a perpetual state of social awkwardness and in full possession of the ability to subvert stereotypical gender roles, the photographs pose questions concerning relationships, social connection, sex, gender, and the desire to form relationships quickly that are both intense and long lasting.
The project initially started after I placed ads on Craigslist.org looking for men who would meet me blind date style in bars and allow me to throw myself at them. This project comes from a place where the desire to make a positive connection with another person is coupled with the knowledge that a connection might not be possible, that the person might not catch me.”

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Happy New Year

Hey guys, here you can download the weekly planner by Studio Tinaa. A little present for you to organize your time and business

All the best for 2012!

E & G

I love Herman Miller all along. I think it’s one of the most fascinating design brand as for graphic, furniture objects and philosophy company.
If I were you, I would check this collection of wonderful videos about Herman Miller products.
These weren’t a real commercials. Most probably, they were a internal company spoofs. In fact, there weren’t television advertisements at that time.
Very very cool stuff!

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I have decided my next trip will be to Iceland.
I’m really looking forward to see enchanting pasture lands, hot thermal pools, volcanic clouds and the only one revolutionary people in the world.
Check these photos by Peter Baker!

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Richard Kern

Just a photos about naked girls smoking weed by New York based photographer Richard Kern. So cute!


Mulberry Fall Winter short film created by Tim Walker, featuring Tatiana Cotliar and Julia Saner styled by Edward Enninful.


Studio Henny van Nisterlrooy works on product and spatial design. Their projects are always the result of reasoning thoughts, such as “il cappello della luce”, in collaborations with the italian hat makers Barbisio. Or of a watchful eye of their life experiences, such as “Shelter”, inspired from a journey they made to China.